How it works

EduPass is a 3 fold system designed to manage and help schools take full advantage of their unstructured hours. By having 3 powerful clients for students, teachers, and administrators, we make managing free time simple.

Student Platform

Time is limited, that’s why we focus on the little things. Our student app is designed¬†for students first, prioritizing mobile usage with a streamlined room sign up process. This makes data collection easy and consistent.

  • Streamlined Room Checkin
  • Teacher Invites
  • Classroom Search

  • Mandatory Teacher Invitations
  • Collaboration encouragement
  • Mobile App

Our Staff Platform

Managing students during unstructured time is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With EduPass, our staff oriented design does the heavy lifting for you. We’ve worked with Teachers and Administers across the country to build features that matter.

  • Manage Invites
  • Real Time Data
  • Custom Groups

  • Classroom Managment
  • Monthly Reports
  • Intuitive design
  • SIS friendly